Ignorance and stubbornness is everything of you,

Treating her like a slave is true.

Her time, energy and love is what you consume,

Leaving me with nothing, but her gloom.

Blame is what you give to her for all she helps you with,

Saying all your problems she made forthwith.

All she does is not good enough in her eyes,

Still, she will do anything to please you until her demise.

I’ll never understand what she sees in you whom is so cruel,

Someone who cheats and lies; you’re some tool.

One day soon she’ll leave you,

Then all you will feel is rue.

Finally she’ll be free and abloom,

And leave you alone to suffer your doom.

Once again we’ll be happy as goldsmiths,

Our memories of you will be only myths.

I hope your tears for her never dries,

Feel all the pain we felt from your lies.

This fantasy of mine is my fuel,

To get me through my life that you made into a whirlpool.

Emotional Loneliness My Personal Life Pain Poetry


Alone in a barn so close, yet so far,

A black mare stands ready to spar.

She yearns to race, but isn’t trained,

Her time to race is waned.

As a foal she was pampered,

Now her future has been tampered.

She was breed for greatness,

But has to start her life in lateness.

How great she would have been,

Of only her trainer didn’t sin.

Her sloth training for the mare,

Is leaving the horse with a future bare.

All she can do is wait for her,

Hoping it’s not too late for her training to occur.


My Personal Life Poetry