Beautiful Words (Rant Or Monologue?) #001

Through all my mental anguish there are few things that keep me from falling over the edge. Things like my music and my work, but the things that makes me feel satisfied are beautiful words. Those unique words I find on Pinterest and Tumblr are what makes me happy. I love to collected them and enhance my writing. To most others it must seem strange to love peculiar words, but I don’t care. Learning words that are spelt in such a pleasing way and pronounced to sound like a lullaby are the beautiful words that I love. I have an entire list of them. Right now that list is at 423 and will continue to grow. It’s not all English words either; There are foreign words that have no meaning in English, Japanese ones are my favorite. The way Japanese words are spelt in English is so pleasing. I always double check their meanings too. I’m a very precise person who doesn’t like error in writing. I’ve found quite a few words that have different dictionary definitions then the posts I find. As odd as it seems beautiful words distracted me from the torment of real life.

That’s all I have for my little rant on beautiful words. I just felt like writing about something, besides poetry. I might posts more rants like this in the future. We’ll see how I feel about it.

Also thank you to my three followers. I’m very greatful that you all like my writing enough to follow me.

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